The ultimate Discord Bot.



Why SudoBot?

Active Development

We are actively adding new features and fixing issues. We always welcome new feature requests or improvement ideas.

Free & Open Source

SudoBot is free and open source, respecting your freedom. It is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.


SudoBot is secure, and we always try our best to keep it secure. That’s the power of open source.


Don’t want to host the bot yourself? We have a solution for that as well — you can invite our self-hosted instance!

Smart Auto Moderation

SudoBot is smart enough to understand what will be the best to moderate your community. However, you can always customize the settngs.

Powerful Manual Commands

SudoBot is packed with lots of different commands including the one’s that can save you from headaches when moderating your Discord server.

Highly Customizable

SudoBot’s configuration system was built in a way so that you can customize almost everything the bot does.

Robust Permission System

SudoBot uses Hybrid Permission System — you get to choose one of the three possible modes. By default, it relies on Discord’s permission system.

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